Unique person

Hi Mike:
It was with great sadness that I just recently heard of the passing of my good friend, Elizabeth (Grandma) Boyda.
Mrs. Boyda was a regular on the radio birthdays show, often calling in a little earlier to make sure she would be on to wish a friend or relative greetings with her special prayer.
A lot of times I thought she knew everyone in the entire of Northwestern Ontario!
My favourite memories of my friend include the time she climbed all those stairs up to the station to be a part of 50th anniversary open house, and the time I had her as my guest host on the morning show for her birthday, where she shared some of her life adventures.
I feel honoured to have had the time spent with “Liz,” who was one of the unique people who contributed to the history of Rainy River District.
Sincerely missing the “Fort,”
Paul Bradley,
Winnipeg, Man.