Unfair process

Dear editor:
On Friday, May 12, I attended the “Hooked on Talent” performance at Backus Auditorium in International Falls. What a wonderful event!
The talent in the Borderland is outstanding and everyone involved—from the organizers to the contestants—is to be applauded for the effort put forth. Half of those performing were from Rainy River District, and therefore had family and friends there to cheer them on.
This is the reason I am writing my first “Letter to the Editor” in your newspaper, with the hopes of getting a response from those who attended and feel the same way I do about the “People’s Choice Award.”
Is it fair, when $400 is at stake, to decide the winner based on the number of votes “bought” by the audience members? Some audience members, including myself, who waited until the end of the second set of performers before deciding who to vote for, were very confused as to when the votes were to be cast.
I was too late as I went to cast my vote and the containers already were gone.
Each person who buys a ticket to an event such as this should get one vote—and those votes to be cast once all participants have had a chance to display their talent.
The “Contestants’ Choice Award,” worth $200, was chosen by the contestants—each contestant having one vote. This is the fair way to do things.
The United Way is a very good cause, helping people in need, but I feel a disservice was done to the great entertainers of International Falls and the Fort Frances area, and that the committee needs to re-evaluate the message being sent that might discourage people from entering such events in the future.
Congratulations to all the winners. You are very deserving of your awards. But I need to know if I am alone in my thinking regarding this situation?
If you attended “Hooked on Talent” and have some of the same feelings, please let me know. A letter should be sent to the committee organizers and the more signatures, the better the impact.
Looking forward to you comments.
Cathy Robinson
RR #1,
Fort Frances, Ont.