Unexpected treasure

Dear Mike:
My husband and I were out walking by the river this afternoon [last week] when something in one of the flower beds by the marina caught my eye–a brightly-coloured rock lay in stark contrast to the dark earth.
My husband and I both admired the rock that was painted with a beautiful water scene.
I wasn’t sure what to do, though. Had someone lost this little treasure?
Two people were seated on a bench nearby and explained that there had been an article in the paper about painted rocks being hidden throughout the town and that those who find them are free to keep them, gift them, or re-hide them.
My husband and I continued on our walk, my hand clutching the lovely rock I had found. It brought me such joy that I felt as though I’d won the lottery!
I told my husband I intended to keep the rock as a reminder that you just never know when something unexpected and wonderful will happen to you.
I was so happy that we decided to return to the bench where the two people had been seated, as I felt that one of them must surely be the artist and I wanted to express my gratitude, but they no longer were there.
If the intent of the “Rainy River Rockers” was to spread joy, they certainly achieved that goal today.
Thank you to whoever left that splendid piece of art for me to find!
Tracy Gibson
Fort Frances, Ont.