Unacceptable view

Dear editor:
In response to the “band” letter in the July 5 edition of the Times, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the music teachers at Fort Frances High School for the excellent job they’ve done over the many years in providing the students of this district with a musical education that is among the best in the province.
These people volunteer hundreds of hours (above and beyond their regular classroom duties) working with our students—giving them musical experiences that they will never forget.
To suggest they must entertain us on July 1 simply to give something back to the community is unacceptable.
Their concerts at Christmas and in the spring, as well as the annual revues and musicals, are a testament to the hard work and skill of these talented people.
And given that classes are not in session, and many students are out of town or have summer jobs, it would be difficult to get the band together to perform on Canada Day—let alone rehearse for the performance.
To suggest that the board cancel music classes because of an absence on July 1 is not only mean-spirited, but ill-informed. The students in these music classes (that are always full) still would require the necessary number of credits to graduate.
This simply would mean that the music teacher, who has seniority, would be required to teach a different course and that the students would be forced to give up a subject they really enjoy.
This board of education has been well-known for several decades, across the province, for its exceptional music programs in all of its elementary and secondary schools.
At a time when there is a budget crisis created by politicians, we should not, for a moment, consider hurting students by cutting programs. Letters, instead, should be sent to our politicians supporting our students, our teachers, and our board.
David Ogilvie
Emo, Ont.