Two to watch

Will Labovitch

Dear editor:
I want to thank the Fort Frances Times personally for my previous letters.
But while the year of chaotic Canadian elections finally is over, the American election year is just beginning and there are two Minnesota politicians to keep an eye on.
Chip Cravaack is the Republican Congressman for the Minnesota side of the Minnesota-Ontario border but lives in a third-string suburb of the Twin Cities. A surprise winner in 2010, he refused to support a compromise that would have caused America’s government to default on loans and global economic chaos if it did not pass and supported cuts to government health-care programs.
Republicans were trying to help him by giving him a safer seat, and giving the more left-leaning Borderland to the moderate Democrat who represents the Manitoba-Minnesota border through re-districting, but instead the 2012 re-districting will go through the courts.
The second is State Senator Tom Bakk. Bakk is the Democratic senate leader and near Fort Frances in the town of Cook, so if the Democrats take control of the state senate, Borderland could benefit from his leadership position.
So again, keep an eye on these two in the upcoming American election year and happy holidays.
Will Labovitch
South Saint Paul, Mn.