Two-tiered system

Dear editor:
Water meters. Water meters! Wooo-hooooo! Ask Kenora residents what they feel water meters have done for them.
First off, someone has to pay for the installation of these costly things. We, the homeowner/taxpayer, will be doing that.
I’ve heard that at least in Fort Frances, they’ve been told that they already are paying for future meters. Nice that they told them. They make it sound all wonderful and fair.
But is it? Metering just ends up offering a two-tiered system. People who can afford it will use as much water as they like because they can, and Joe/Jane Average will be watching his/her bills and meters, and cut back on consumption, just to “keep their head above water” (sorry about that) in this swirl of rising prices in all sectors of the cost of just existing (as opposed to living).
We’re rushing headlong back to the days of “classes.” Those who have and those who have not. Fair in this day and age? I think not. Makes one wonder how we ever got this far.
Is it really a better world? Carefree days of kids running through the sprinkler in summer, or playing in their little plastic swimming pools, may be only for those who can afford it. Plants that you pay dearly for being dried up because to water them would mean higher bills. Oh well!
And the majority of us will just sit back, as usual, and take it, believing all the stats we are fed and going along for the ride. Apathetic until it happens and then we’ll all moan because it isn’t working. C’est la vie! Il Suce!
Glenn Barker wrote a wonderful letter (“Sharing cost is part of being a community”) to the Dryden Observer (July 27 edition) on this topic. I agree with everything he said.
Let’s not just follow the lead of other communities. Who says they’re right? Let’s all share the cost and let everyone enjoy things on the same level.
Now is the time to protest if you truly care.
Trudy Valdock