Tryout misconception

Dear editor:
I am writing to you in response to a letter to the editor in the Sept. 9 edition of the Times.
According to this letter, a young man has been deprived of an opportunity to play high school hockey at Fort Frances High School. Obviously, there has been a communication breakdown between the school and the community with regards to hockey tryouts.
I would like to apologize for any part the school may have played in this breakdown, and I would like to make sure the correct information is passed along.
A newsletter was passed out by the coaches to Muskie hockey “hopefuls.” This letter outlined the qualities expected of a Muskie hockey player and the tryout dates. Included in this newsletter was the following paragraph: “There will be no other time at which you can try out for the team. The only exception will be for a new student who arrives in the community just in time for the fall semester.”
This paragraph outlines the fact that students new to the school will be given a chance to try out for the team. I spoke with our head coach and he indicated that, at this time, no new students had contacted him but that if they did, they would be extended an opportunity to try out.
My main purpose in writing to you today is to make sure our new students and their parents are aware of our policy to let new students try out for teams on their arrival. There are some times after a season has started at which it could be deemed too late but coaches should be contacted to obtain the correct information.
If there are any players or parents in this community who have any questions regarding any of our sports programs, I would be glad to answer their questions. Please feel free to call me at the high school (274-7747) to obtain information or talk over problems.
I hope that I have cleared up any misconceptions regarding hockey tryouts and new students to Fort High. Thank you.
Ian Simpson,
Vice-principal and
athletic director, FFHS