Truly saddened

Dear Mr. Editor:
I had no intention of writing a letter to the editor inviting criticism towards other candidates running in this election. My campaign is focused on the facts, and the actions represented by the votes of those on council, their record, their exclusion of members of our community, hidden documents, etc.
But I am saddened by Coun. Wiedenhoeft’s comments in the press which led to the cancellation of the public meeting. It was cancelled because certain candidates elected to boycott this meeting.
First, the trades and labour organization in Fort Frances and the district is a viable, long-term organization that meet intermittently to handle issues relative to the interests labour wishes to pursue.
Parades, both locally and internationally, were held here for years. Political meetings and debates, and all kinds of business, were conducted by this group. Our grandfathers, fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers formed and participated in this council.
If the truth be known, even you, Mr. Wiedenhoeft, along with Mr. Hallikas, Mrs. Tibbs, and Coun. Tannis Drysdale’s husband, belong directly or indirectly to this organization. You owe this group an apology and I politely ask you to do so.
Secondly, you accused me of perpetrating this meeting and that it was biased towards candidates. I would like to correct your facts. I was asked if I would support a public all-candidates’ meeting. I immediately said yes.
I was asked if I would like to help set up this meeting and to help advertise it. I said no. I stated that I would attend and participate in the candidates’ forum but would not involve myself in its organization or advertising.
If you have any different information than that, I would like you to share it with me and maybe together we can address a lie, or someone’s ambition to smear or slander a candidate.
Third, I respect Coun. Wiedenhoeft. He normally does his homework and seems to be more focused on his decisions. I believe he is the type of candidate that if wrong accusations were made by him, he would be honourable and correct them.
I will leave it to him to contact me to discuss this matter further. I trust he will do so and will wait for his call.
In closing, I support a public meeting where members of the public can exercise their democratic right to hear and question the candidates they wish to vote for in this election.
I am not ashamed to stand before the public to advise them of my platform or to answer any questions they may have, or to pledge them sound leadership, and to work with those members of council who are elected to make Fort Frances a better community for everyone.
I am truly saddened that the public forum was cancelled.
Thank you,
Allan T. Bedard
Council candidate