True to convictions

Heidi Gerber

Dear editor,

I live in Emo. As a resident and concerned citizen, I want to give a SHOUT OUT to our municipal leader, Harold McQuaker. Contrary to the cacophony of criticism, Mayor McQuaker is a man of integrity and grit. He, along with Councillors Boven and Toles, are to be publicly commended for boldly representing Emo’s fine population and for standing true to their convictions.
Emo is a bustling community, small, yet centre stage for District services and commutes. Well represented by all generations with a spectrum of backgrounds, people in Emo value mutual respect, honesty, and hard work. There is nothing out-of-date about these qualities. Speaking for many in Emo, we are proud to live and serve here.
Thank you, Mayor McQuaker and noted council members who lead, and vote, with dedication and conviction, taking the interests of all constituents into consideration. And, to the Times editor and your readers, next time you find yourselves stopping in Emo – be it for food, fuel, feed, hardware, flowers, or simply fellowship – enjoy the friendly service and our way of accepting all people every day.
Heidi Gerber