Treated unfairly

Dear Mr. Editor:
I feel the present council treated all members of the public unfairly in its handling of several serious community issues.
I want to refer to the promises made, at the public meeting held in the arena, to allow public debate and full disclosure of all documents as they related to the purchase of the old Fort Frances Clinic, and entering into a Family Health Team approach for health care, prior to any decision being made.
We soon found out we had absolutely no say in the matter. All documents and backroom deals were withheld or not disclosed, and four councillors rammed it down our throats.
Issues surrounding public health care ought to be public and all inclusive in the decision-making process. I believe council’s application to the minister of health will lead to privatized health care.
For these four councillors to make such a serious decision, of such magnitude, while denying public participation is simply criminal.
To further insult us, these same four councillors rammed it down our district municipal councils’ throat, from Fort Frances to Rainy River, and the First Nation communities, as well.
This type of community representation should never happen, let alone be tolerated by the public.
Those four councillors even ignored a petition of more than 1,800 names. Why? Because they simply didn’t care about those of us who elected them.
I feel not only compelled to write this letter, but to ask all the good citizens of Fort Frances to throw these councillors out and vote in a new council.
We need—and want—good municipal government, where documents are not hidden, citizens are given equal treatment, consideration, and input, and council is accountable, credible, and truly transparent.
Yours truly,
Gerald Martin
Fort Frances, Ont.