Treat equally

Dear editor:
In the June 3 edition of the Fort Frances Times, your local MPP, Ken Boshcoff, stated he will find some way to ease cross-border traffic.
Well, when the summer visitors come from the south, everyone want’s them and their money. Bully for us. But just what is the U.S. government doing to the Canadian going south.
Just look what has been put in place. Private boaters will be required to report to specified ports of entry for inspection. We, as Canadians, must have a boat operator’s licence, as well as an F.A.C. and registry for our guns, proof of a government test, and a criminal check to own a gun.
Then to compete for a tag draw just to hunt.
Who checks the Americans for this information?
Should we make it easier for them, or should they be subject to the same treatment as us Canadians. The softwood lumber and beef issues speak for themselves.
Let’s not bend any rules just for the all-mighty buck!
Anthony Nickel
RR#2, Dryden, Ont.