Town’s hanging baskets are for the birds

Dear editor,

Last summer, I was in Salmon Arm B.C., I noticed there hanging flower pots/baskets, were so high off the ground, only the birds could see the pretty flowers. On my way back to Ontario, I stopped in a little place called Indian Head Saskatchewan and there were hanging flower pots, but just closer to the ground. But, if you want to see these posies, bring a ladder!

Also, in Indian Head Saskatchewan they have the only stop sign,15 feet off the ground hanging over the road! In all my travels through towns, this one I’ve never seen before!

And I submitted an editorial comment to the Salmon Arm Observer. She thought it was noteworthy at first but didn’t see the humour or stupidity of hanging flower pots 15 feet up in the air!

Why put them so high only the birds can see them?

I asked her if there’s some national agenda to do such a stupid thing?

And here today on Fort Frances, the fellas are hanging flower pots with Xmas decor, and again at 15 feet in the air!

Let’s lower them, so we can see them, or why bother putting them so high? You can’t see them, unless you’re a bird!

David A Russell