Total disgust

Dear sir:
It is with great disbelief that I find myself needing to write this letter in the aftermath of the tragic events of Sept. 11.
Although I thought that I could not be more disturbed by a few ill-conceived comments at the tribute the town organized on Sept. 14, I now find myself in total disgust of the actions of a person or persons in this very town.
The final blow was on Monday evening when my son and I discovered that the five United States bows we had displayed in a tree in front of our home–in support and remembrance for those who were senselessly killed in the horrible attack–had been diminished to three after two of them were stolen less than 24 hours from being placed there.
I am angered and disgusted that someone(s) thought it was their right to help themselves to something that wasn’t theirs. Although we have heard of, and experienced, other petty thefts of decorations during holidays, this theft somehow compounds a real heaviness in my heart.
Whoever you are, be assured that this, too, will pass. You may have taken our physical sign of support but you can never take away our inner spirit and belief that although life may be short, patriotism, courage, heroes, and miracles do exist.
You can’t take that away from us!
May God bless us all,
Dawnn Marie Taylor