Tormented thoughts

Dear sir:
Please forgive me but I’ve been a somewhat tormented individual lately. Really, ever since I became convinced the Year 2000 problem was probably going to tear down (figuratively) my own little world and everyone else’s, too.
You see, everything’s global nowadays. Just a single news story, if big enough, can send traders halfway around the world hopping on market floors. And haven’t you been noticing that our world has been getting smaller all the time? In just a matter of hours, our technology can take us on a comfortable cruise halfway around the globe. And didn’t our little planet look so small from way up there on the space shuttle?
We have come so far, haven’t we? Why, life holds so much for us, and isn’t the American (and Canadian) dream to retire at 55 and then really enjoy life? Imagine the freedom! Of course, that’s only if we don’t win the big lottery jackpot first!
Yes, indeed, 1999 will be a year to remember. Forget 2000. Most of the big stuff will happen next year, and next year is about to start in a few days. And see, that’s where I really get into trouble. No one (well, almost no one) wants to hear my pathetic concerns. Please! Get real! they say. It’s the lunatic fringe mentality. Millennium madness gone mad. Our world is just fine, and will continue to be fine. No big problem. After all, we made those computers in the first place and we can sure fix ’em, too!
We can do just about anything these days . . . send a man to the moon, perform the most delicate brain surgery with lasers, and come to think of it, we’ve come so far we are now close to creating human life. I just heard the other day the Americans might give the green light to start cloning people. Yeah, real, live, flesh and blood people. Are there no limits to our know-how?
Can’t take it away from those Americans, can you? “In God we trust” is stamped on all their coins, you know. As for us Canadians, we may just be a little behind them but we’re hot on their heels, aren’t we?
Speaking of warnings, I’ve also been thinking a bit about Challenger. You know, the space shuttle the exploded shortly after launch in 1986. Whatever happened to that story? Right up to that last minute, the engineer was hollering “Danger, Danger!” But the next morning, a dulled public–hypnotized into believing that our computerized marvels of high technology will always work–watched as Challenger disintegrated into our memories.
I’ve been thinking too of the many warnings Titanic had about iceberg dangers. “We are immune to such disaster. Really, get with it, this ship is unsinkable,” people scoffed. And then there’s Noah’s ark. Wasn’t he that raving lunatic who preached out warnings for maybe 100 years or so while be was building that giant-sized life raft? But who besides his family got serious?
Oh, wouldn’t that be so nice if we had another 100 years to make up our minds about Y2K? Of course even if we did, we’d still find ourselves after 99 years looking down the same gun barrel. Human nature is like that, you know. Greed, arrogance, and procrastination still prevail.
Really, all I’d like to see is everyone in Rainy River District get stocked up with wood stoves, lots of wood, plenty of reserve food and water, medicines, and the like. Why? Because it can still be done at this point in time. Who knows about six or eight months from now? The bug will soon start biting. And next winter also with be cold in this district–deadly cold without electricity.
When the rest of the world starts getting a true picture of Y2K, how many stoves, generators, and how much fuel, food, and medicines, etc. will be available for this district? And don’t count on the government to bail you out on this one. Why not? Surprise. You are the government! The government is made up of people just like you. They’re not concerned about Y2K. They don’t know. Only a few know and now even they are not telling.
What? Because Y2K is no longer a computer glitch. Now it’s a legal matter. And there’s no insurance. There’s no coverage. Didn’t you get your letter in the mail saying there’s no coverage for Year 2000 date-related accidents?
There’s lots more bad news like that to follow in 1999. But still not many will do anything to prepare. It’s too unbelievable isn’t it? It’s always been that way. That’s the only reason that Y2K is here and that’s why it’s about to take a big bite.
My, my, we’ve really tripped ourselves up good on this one. Where was it said that the man who built his house upon the sand lost everything? Foundations, it would seem, are going to be important after all. But, you say, surely our foundation is not all that bad, is it? I’ll let you answer that.
Where is God in your foundation? Is your life built upon the living God or upon microwaves, automobiles, skidoos, lottery tickets, vacations, mutual funds, and retirement plans?
Perhaps that’s unfair, is it? Well then, maybe it’s not so much that you don’t think it could happen–but instead you’re just saying: It can’t happen! Please, God, don’t let it happen!!
In 1999, and beyond, God will become much more real to a lot of people. That’s good news. But the price will be high. Very high. Please forgive me but as I said before, this thought still torments me.
Eric Alcock
Fort Frances