To the rescue?

To the Editor:
In an age when most farmers are tearing their hair out, trying to deal with nutrient management plans (i.e., livestock waste, which traditionally was spread on the land to grow nutritious, safe food crops), Monday morning’s news added to their frustration.
The farmer now must deal with the Ministry of the Environment as he copes with the politically incorrect by-product of his livestock and not pollute the waterways and fish habitat.
Most farmers, who are environmentalists at heart, do their best to deal with this (what is now seen as a problem) responsibly.
We had a rain. Now we have Fort Frances and MoE to the rescue—dump it in the Rainy River. That’s right. On Friday, three-and-a-half inches of rain had raised the level of the lagoon, necessitating the pumping of untreated sewage into the Rainy River.
What are they going to do if it rains? It is not uncommon for several rainfalls of several inches over the period of the summer.
Oh, yes! Did you notice where Emo draws its water? This action certainly shows a lot of support and concern for the Emo Walleye Classic which was held May 27-28.
The attitude seems to be downstream will deal with it!
Were there not water treatment managers in Walkerton serving time for not properly treating their water?
Yours truly,
Ralph Hunsperger
Emo, Ont.