Tired of waiting

David Kircher

Dear editor:
I agree with Mr. Ken Grynol’s recent letter to the editor regarding the accountability of the Rainy River District School Board and the missing funds from Fort Frances High School.
In a Nov. 19, 2008 Fort Frances Times article, the chair of the board stated the board had filed an insurance claim for the missing funds and had recovered $260,000 as of that date.
Almost a year later, the constituents of this board still do not know the extent of the loss.
The board has had ample time to compile the total loss of funds from the FFHS account, detected on Oct. 18, 2007, and report to its constituents.
Your constituents are tired of waiting and hereby request the board to inform the public of the amount of this loss.
Respectfully submitted,
David Kircher
Fort Frances, Ont.