Tip of the hat

Dear editor:
When we arrived at our Rainy Lake island this spring, we found that a very large piece of floating dock had landed on our rocky shoreline and broken up.
I pulled the broken timbers and boards out of the lake, but was unable to remove a very large section of conveyor belt material that had been used as the walking surface of the dock.
I called the Ministry of Natural Resources for help and they said that perhaps a fire crew could help while training on the lake.
I did not hear any more for two-and-a-half months. Then I was called by the MNR on Saturday, Aug. 19 to get directions to the site of the material in the lake.
A fire crew led by Mr. Colin Wood arrived on Sunday, Aug. 20. The crew was very helpful, friendly, and courteous while cleaning up the mess. They went above and beyond the call of duty in cleaning up this mess.
Residents of the Fort Frances area are being well-served by this MNR fire crew. A tip of the hat and a big thanks to Mr. Wood and his excellent crew.
Bob and Linda Hammar