Time to separate

Dear sir:
Isn’t it time we separated from southern Ontario and formed our own province?
We have many good political leaders in all parties and many smart people in all walks of life that could organize the movement to separate. We just need a good leader to step forward.
Are we not tired of a government 1,000 miles away that doesn’t really care about Northwestern Ontario.
They are forcing our forest industry out of business because of high hydro rates. Yet they are going to shut down our hydro plants or convert them to natural gas.
That will drive up the price of natural gas and hydro.
Business and home owners need both of these items to survive in this part of the province. We need them at a reasonable price.
Let us form our own government so that we can have a say in our future. Not some people 1,000 miles away. If not, we won’t be able to live here much longer.
Bill Costello
Atikokan, Ont.