Time for action, not talk

Dear sir:
Ken Boshcoff stated in his column in the Aug. 3 edition of the Fort Frances Times that all three provincial political parties endorse the closure of coal-burning plants in Ontario.
This is, unfortunately, another lie, or at best “half-truth,” told by someone the parliamentary system expects us to address as “honorable.”
The provincial Progressive Conservatives’ 2003 statement was to undertake a 12-year study of potential closures. This is a far cry from an endorsement of Liberal actions.
I personally don’t believe a PC caucus would close any plant in the north because they seem to believe they need to do something to earn our votes!
Mr. Boshcoff’s column recognizes the damage being done by Liberal policies, but there is no sign that he is able or willing to take the fight to where it belongs: the House of Commons and within his own party.
I feel sorry for all those people who think more regional “summits,” meetings, committees, and studies will result in anything more than that warm and fuzzy feeling, and the impression that something is being done.
History—and the parliamentary record—show the real story. The Liberals have dropped the ball for farmers (inaction during the “mad cow” crisis), for the forest industry (inept handling of the softwood lumber dispute), most northerners (failed gun registry), and for anyone depending on trade with the U.S. (hostile anti-American attitude).
Please don’t misinterpret my comments. I will work with anyone, including the present MP, to stand up for the north, and I am all for obtaining facts directly from constituents. But we should by now expect less talk and more results.
The record of our MP and MPPs show that they have been unable to influence their government, let alone their own party, on our behalf. A fourth term in office is no time to start fact-finding!
David Leskowski
RR #1, Kaministiquia, Ont.
Editor’s note: David Leskowski is the candidate of record for the Conservatives in the Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding.