Ticking bomb

Ken Grynol

To Mike:
As the finishing touches of road construction close to an end, I noticed that a local contractor was doing the sidewalks on the north side of Scott Street, and both sides east and west on the 500 block of Portage Avenue.
This contractor is only doing as instructed and cannot be held responsible for his work.
It is beyond my comprehension as to why town council is approving the final grade. It seems to be a ridiculous slope and is actually a ticking bomb. With winter around the corner, I’m certain that there will be a good number of persons who are injured.
Town council might as well get the mayor to sign a bunch of cheques as there possibly will be lawsuits.
In council’s best interest, I would suggest that they take a better look at this.
Seeing as though they have had problems in previous years on Scott Street’s sidewalks, I hope that they heed my letter as Portage Avenue’s sidewalks are a travesty.
Ken Grynol
Fort Frances, Ont.