Three cheers

Dear editor:
I recently came to visit family in Rainy River District, and made a trip into Fort Frances to do some shopping and run errands for family.
On the way in, I came across a being of immense politeness and courteousness, not to mention a beacon of road safety!
As I was driving into Barwick, I noticed, on the side of the roadway, a porcupine. I put on my brakes a tad in preparation for the little spike-backed beast to dash across in front of me, but what he did next surprised me!
The porcupine stopped just shy of the edge of the road, looked both ways, and, seeing my vehicle, he or she turned around and waddled back into the ditch.
So here is three cheers to that lovely porcupine. May you go on to parent many more baby porcupines that follow in your footsteps!
Brandi Roberts
North Battleford, Sask.