Thoughts on renaming

Dear editor,

With regard to renaming of Colonization Road. Four thoughts:

One – the approved action should not proceed until the COVID19 pandemic ends.

Older residents may lack the computer access and / or skills to change records online, many government offices are not currently open, and residents may not feel safe visiting those that are. It is difficult for family members to assist in-person, given the Public Health situation.

The last year has demonstrated we cannot predict the course of the pandemic. I therefore propose that no action should be taken until the province of Ontario ends the Public Health Emergency and Health Canada has declared the pandemic at end.

Two – Colonization Road East and West should receive different names.

The two roads are not physically connected. It makes little sense to have East and West qualifiers on a common name; it is a source of confusion.

Three – Names should be simple and non-controversial.

Simple names are easier to spell, and to speak clearly to emergency services, those looking for directions, delivery services, etc. This is an important consideration for our senior residents.

We don’t want to be going through another such divisive process again, and the new name(s) should not be a source of controversy that prolongs divisions. To that end, I suggest no politically or religiously connected terms, nor proper names be considered.

I suggest that geographic or nature-based names are best. Suggestions:

Colonization Road East: Rapids View Road, White Water Road, Shoreline Road, Sorting Gap Road, Marina Way. Colonization Road West: Sunset (Country) Road, Highway 602, Acorn Way, Red Squirrel Road / Chickadee Drive / Blue Jay Road, Poplar Road , White Birch Road, Cedar Road, Balsam Road etc.

Four – residents should have the final choice from among a list approved by Council. After all, we live here, and we’ll be the ones using the name frequently.

I hope others will participate in the process and suggest (perhaps better) names.

Kevin Stewart