The merits of a Lifeline

Dear editor,

This is to tell all the people, young and old, if you don’t have a “Lifeline” for safety reasons, I advise you to look into getting one.

I have one now and I sure am glad to have it.

I fell outside while throwing salt on the ice. I lost my balance and fell from the landing on my steps face forward, hitting my head on the cement.

I could not get up. My Lifeline went off, but I did not know it had. They tried to get a hold of my one daughter, but she was in Alberta. They tried the other daughter. She was in church, so they sent the ambulance to my house. I thank God for that as I could not get up.

The two paramedics put down a flannel sheet for traction, because it was so slippery. The paramedics were just wonderful. They took me to the hospital, once they checked me over. They took such good care of me.

The doctor and nurses were wonderful also. We have some really caring people in our town.

So check out the Lifeline — it may just help you if you have a fall and can’t get up.

Thanks for your space.

Elizabeth Batiuk