The meaning of Easter

Dear editor,

What’s so amazing about Easter?

For one thing, it’s remarkable that it’s still being observed after 2,000 years.

And how are we observing it besides eating a fine meal, “Easter” eggs and chocolate bunnies?

Let’s be reminded that the Lord Jesus, Creator of Heaven and Earth, whose virgin birth into the human family we celebrate at Christmas, gave his life for us. He was nailed to a cross, shedding his innocent blood, taking the punishment for our sins. This is what we observe on Good Friday.

Then three days later, He rose from the grave – victorious over death! And what’s so amazing is that death could not hold Him – profound truth! Check it out in the world’s bestseller, the Holy Bible, Luke 23 and 24.

This all becomes very precious and relevant to everyone who believes that Jesus Christ did this vicariously for us. In other words, He did this for us, in our stead.

Yes, Easter is truly amazing, especially for those who accept its message personally. This gives us Hope for this life and the next. This actually gives us eternal life!

Happy Easter!

Yours truly,
Marina Gerber