The lockdown call

Dear editor,

The Health Unit called Elmer from the same place he worships on Sunday to cease from work as a care Custodian because he was a possible Covid case.

They called me, and I had to call the hospital, not because I was calling in sick but because I might be a Covid carrier and jeopardize those in my care.

Cautious Mr. Cates thought he should close off our driveway with the orange caution tape.

I just wanted the Donald Trump remedy and a bleach bath. We did neither. I cried a little, we both laughed a little and then happily complied with the Civil Laws that protect us all.

Being asymptomatic, our concern was that, as possible Covid carriers, did we expose a more vulnerable senior, or an at risk young mom or a friend still awaiting the vaccine? Were we careless and disrespectful for the well-being of others? It was a humbling experience.

The Health Unit called us daily just to see how we were coping. They arranged a Covid testing appointment immediately without charge (up to $300 state-side).

Previously, they had administered another free, life saving vaccine. They deserve so much gratitude for being an extension of our Civil Laws, when it comes to our health and well-being.

Our health care system is a privilege, but now is at a breaking point with triage being the doctors’ worst nightmare and our economical debt load a total disaster. If we all respect the laws that protect us, we can stop this pandemic.

Speed limits and seatbelts do not stop us from driving. Face masks, social distancing and limited group settings can never stop us from worshiping and reaching out to others.

Just maybe if we were respectful of our “Civil Laws” we might regain the respect to reclaim and protect our “moral laws”.

The Health Unit called again and the lock down was lifted. We cried a little, we laughed a lot, we offered a prayer of praise and thanksgiving. We keep our community, country and the world at large in our prayers.

Helen Cates