The Bible tells it

Dear sir:
I resisted writing in regards to Rev. Gord Waldie’s comments to local MP Ken Boshcoff, in relation to the definition of marriage debate, when it was in a previous issue of the Times.
But when I read the one from “Out and Proud” Roy E. Wilson, FFHS Class of ’61 (whatever the graduating class has to do with anything), I could not restrain myself any longer.
Rev. Waldie, you are correct in that marriage has evolved over the generations, also eroded (my comment, not yours), but you are mistaken when you say marriage is a human institution. It was sanctioned by God from the beginning of time.
But I don’t have to tell you where exactly in Genesis that is found as you are a man of God and a believer of the Word of God, the Bible.
The following may not be “politically correct,” but those who know me know that I have not always been so inclined.
The underlying reason for changing the definition of marriage is purely for monetary reasons only, not because “We just have to be legally married because we love each other.”
Say what it is and get on with whatever you think you need to do, as it will all be dealt with—in time.
As for Roy E. Wilson, I guess I missed your point with Genesis 19. I couldn’t glean much of anything pertaining to homosexuality other than Chapter 5—the men of Sodom wanting to have their way with the two men (angels), but the two angels took care of that problem.
You certainly pointed out the sins of man (and women), but you could have quoted just about every book in the Old Testament and found that.
Thank you for reminding us.
Gordon Sisco
Fort Frances, Ont.