Thanks, Grapes!

Dear editor:
I just received my copy of the Fort Frances Times and read about Glen Edwards resigning as head coach of the Muskie boys’ hockey team.
I, like many, am surprised by “Grapes’” decision. I don’t want to know his reasons and respect him for his decision. Playing for him on the Muskies, I understand that when he does something, it is for the right reason.
I am simply writing to say thanks to a great coach.
Grapes, along with “T.O.” and “Kenno,” helped develop many players into more than just better hockey players, and have made the Muskies a well-known club throughout the country. While my “backhand still can’t break an egg,” the confidence and guidance that Grapes gave me is still with me today.
Thanks, Grapes!
Good luck Kenno, Shane, and the Fort Frances Muskies with the remainder of your season.
Denis Barnard Jr.
Acura Sales,