Thank you, Donovan

Dear editor,
We think it is appropriate to celebrate a young man (17 years old) of our community.
He excels in academics and sports. He serves as a positive role model as well as an outstanding ambassador for our community in his travels.
Even though he has one more year to earn his high school diploma, colleges are already talking with him re: scholarships.
The door that opens these opportunities? Swimming.
Donovan Taylor excels in swimming! He has just finished at the National competition in Montreal. Even though he did not do as well as he has at other times, Donovan still inspires!
In swimming at this level, the difference between 1st and 10th place is often hundredths of a second.
Donovan’s home pool here in Fort Frances, where he has developed into an internationally-rated athlete, is only a 25 metre pool—unheard of by his opposition! Thank you, Donovan, for your dedication, your passion and your inspiration! You make our Sunset Country area proud!
Dick and Jane Trivers,
Eric and Caren Fagerdahl,
Garth and Diane Clifford,
Sandy Stalker, and
George Walsh