Dear Editor:

There has been a lot written about our Senator from the north, Lynn Beyak, lately. Unfortunately, most of what we hear locally has been negative. A lot has been taken out of context as well, causing unnecessary hard feelings. Peter Kirby is frustrated that despite a concerted effort to force her from her Senate seat, she remains. However, for many of us, she represents a voice of the people, especially as an advocate for free speech and private property rights. Her life is an example of how to overcome adversity. She was only 14 when her father died suddenly, and while it was a hard blow she overcame it and at 16 went to work to help support the family while her mother took in foster children and lovingly cared for them as if they were her own. She and her family have been generous in their support for many community activities over the years, while she budgets to live frugally and give generously with her own household budget. She appears to be quite conscientious about her Senate expenses also.

She has worked hard for everything she has achieved. She has been a secretary, a realtor, wife, mother, grandmother, sadly a widow, tourist lodge co-owner, car dealership co-owner, insurance brokerage co-owner, a PTA member, an elected school board trustee, was declared elected in a provincial election, before late results came in the next day, served as a provincial liaison for the north at a time when we in the north had no elected representatives in the governing party, an observer at the United Nations, and as a Senator who was part of the Canadian Cabinet on the day when our Canadian Parliament was attacked by a terrorist, after he had killed unarmed sentry, Corporal Nathan Cirillo, at the tomb of the unknown soldier. She has an incredible capacity for working on policy, carefully reading all the bills and looking at all sides of the issues that impact all Canadians.

Her experiential knowledge alone makes her eminently qualified to represent all Canadians. She has been successful in the Senate as well, sponsoring three bills. Namely: C-42, Firearms Act; C-61, Canada National Marine Conservation Areas Act; and C-501, National Hunting, Trapping and Fishing Heritage Act on behalf of MPs, through the Senate and on to Royal Assent. I would urge Hon. Greg Rickford, MPP, Minister of Energy, Mines, Northern Development and Indigenous Affairs to commend her for all her hard work as a Senator.

Ruth Teeple