Taking ‘stupid pills’

Dear editor:
I don’t own a handgun and have no desire to own one. My hunting firearms are registered in accordance with the laws of Canada (a billion-dollar boondoggle that makes the sponsorship scandal piddling by comparison).
In addition, I also have, according to the federal agency responsible, a firearm registered—complete with a registration serial number sticker—for a firearm that does not, and has never, existed as far as I know.
This error persists, in spite of twice having protested the misinformation to that multi-billion dollar agency.
In Canada we already have a virtual ban on handguns with control regulations so stringent that owning or possessing one legally is simply not worth the hassle.
The recent spate of handgun violence, particularly in Toronto, is unsettling. But how much of it involved legal handguns? None, I suspect. They were probably all obtained or imported illegally.
Yet last Thursday morning, I hear Paul Martin’s solution to the problem will be the banning of all handguns. Instead of directing scarce resources to countering the roots of violence (poverty, inner-city social decay, etc.), we’ll squander another billion or so trying to eliminate handguns.
That noise you heard at his news conference was the criminals giggling.
Martin’s plan is rather like eliminating West Nile virus by banning mosquitoes, instead of drying up their breeding grounds.
Until last Thursday morning, I was truly undecided on how I should cast my vote. But as Paul Martin obviously is self-medicating with a new prescription of a very potent variety of “stupid pills,” all bets are off.
I can only pray the lack of common sense Martin currently is displaying is not contagious.
Yours truly,
John H. Elliott
Rainy River, Ont.