Taking issue

Pastor Rudy French

Dear editor:
I must take issue with the contention that closing Gingrich Woodcraft was based on Biblical teaching.
There is not one single verse in Scripture that in any way would forbid labour from organizing and joining a union.
There is, however, much said in Scripture that would direct us to the treatment of others in our employ. Philippians 2:3 tells us to put others and their interests ahead of ourselves.
Closing one’s business is one thing, but to somehow invoke one’s faith is misguided and perverts the teachings of the word of God.
There are many fine Christian business leaders who treat their employees in such a manner so as to please our Lord, such as Chic-Filet, Hobby Lobby, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and many others.
I hope that we all will realize that not everything that claims to be Christian is. I pray that readers will search the Scriptures for themselves and discover what they really teach about the management-employee relationship.
Suppose Jesus had owned the shop? What would He have done?
God bless,
Pastor Rudy French
Missionary to
Southeast Asia