Take action

Dear Editor
Re: Daily Bulletin article August 30, 2005–”Council starts process to fill vacancy.”
It’s unfortunate town council had to make the untimely declaration to fill the vacant position created by the sudden death of Coun. Struchan.
Mayor Onichuk has stated two options are available for council to consider which I believe only one option is appropriate under the circumstances.
Option #1: A by-election is a “no brainer.” The current council has only 14 months remaining in their mandate before the next election. Can the town afford the expenses of an interim election at this time? No!
Therefore, option #2–”appointing a new member” appears to be the reasonable/logical route.
I would suggest council consider all candidates listed on the 2003 municipal election slate. Contact the runner-up, that is, the seventh individual who should be considered first for the appointment providing he or she is still available/willing to serve the town till Nov. 2006.
If not, then you have the “pecking order” as your bench mark.
Council’s appointment should take place at the next regular meeting (Sept. 12).
Council can call a special/emergency meeting before Sept. 12 to make an immediate decision “in camera.” What familiar words used by council . . . “in camera.” Why wait???
Thanking you,
Larry Wood