Suppression of truth

Dear editor,

To say that we are living in unprecedented times would be an understatement in light of all that we see going on around us. Much has changed in how we live out our lives in this country we call Canada in the past 1 ½ years and it remains to be seen just how much of this change will be permanent. “Science” has now become the new god in determining how we are to live out our lives right down to who is and isn’t allowed in ones’ own household. The reality is that “science” is being used and manipulated, and in some cases completely being ignored, in order to advance a specific narrative. In Canada approximately 100,000 babies’ lives are snuffed out, murdered, slaughtered or, as is more politically correct, aborted every year. That’s one life every 6 minutes. We as a society willfully choose to ignore the undeniable fact that an unborn baby is no less of a human being then one that is born. Rather ironic considering the fact that so much of the control that Government has justified in the last 1 ½ years is to “save lives at all costs”. Science also clearly shows that we are born with either an XX or XY chromosome and whichever ones you are born with are the ones you will still have when you die. Yet increasingly it seems the question fewer and fewer people are able to answer is just how many genders there are. One dares not give a specific number for fear of being narrow-minded and not including the myriad of new genders that will be identified in the near future. Yet to simply state such basic truths, things science has already shown, is now deemed as being one of the worse crimes one can commit. Increasingly there are calls in our society to censor fake news, misinformation and conspiracy theories. Recently Bill C-10 was passed in Parliament and moved on to the Senate before breaking for the summer. This Bill would allow Government to regulate the internet, to determine what is and is not accessible to Canadians. As well, Bill C-36 was introduced hours before Parliament was dismissed for summer recess, a Bill that would amend the Canadian Human Rights Act, the Criminal Code, and the Youth Justice Act and allow individuals or groups to file hate speech complaints with the Canadian Human Rights Commission who would then be empowered to order perpetrators to cease communications and/or pay fines. The trajectory we are on is the antithesis of what free Democratic countries are founded on. We would do well to heed the warnings of those who have defected and fled such regimes. While misinformation and fake news have always been present and will have a negative impact, Truth, over time will rise to the surface, it cannot be indefinitely suppressed. A much greater threat to our country is Government and Media determining what truth is and what it isn’t. Increasingly what information we have access to is being censored and suppressed. The saying from WWII airmen “The flack is heaviest over the target” is becoming a good reference point for where the truth lies. History clearly shows us that those most suppressed and censored are those most threatening to a specific narrative, those who seek to reveal truth. It seems many people are able to look back and see the lessons of History but are totally blind to the real danger that these same things are happening right now.

Peter Fuhrer