Supports stance

Dear editor:
I am writing in support of the article, “Sarsfield eyeing legal action to ban smoking,” in the Jan. 30 edition of the Fort Frances Times.
In the article, Dr. Sarsfield declared exposure to second-hand smoke a health hazard. He stated he may look to take legal action to establish a bylaw against smoking in enclosed public places.
He further stated councillors may be more worried about their political career rather than the health of the community.
I realize the difficulty that arises in enforcing the bylaw, as council has stated, but with the community’s support, I think it is an achievable task.
You, the community, have a right to make your own health decisions. If you choose a smoke-free healthy lifestyle, that is your right as a citizen of Canada, but what gives people the right to endanger children and the lives of others with their second-hand smoke?
I believe that if the bylaw was passed, the community would be able to help enforce it by not allowing smoking in areas where there will be people under age of 19.
This gives people the choice as to whether or not they want to endanger their lives, and allows children the right they deserve not to be exposed to this health hazard.
Many cities in Canada are using the new smoking ban successfully and allowing people to choose how they want to live their lives. I think Rainy River District should attempt to change with the rest of the country.
I have lived in Fort Frances for most of my life, and I believe the community has the ability to stand up for their rights and demand a healthier environment to live in.
Melissa Armstrong,
nursing student,
Winnipeg, Man.