Support urged

Kiley Hanson

Dear editor:
As many of you know, the World Fishing Network (WFN) currently is running a contest to find the “Ultimate Fishing Town” in Canada.
With the nomination period over and the first round of voting coming to a close this afternoon (Sept. 1), Nestor Falls has a solid grip on third place in the nation.
But with the larger towns of Port Alberni, B.C. and Dauphin, Man. ahead of us at the end of the first round, we are going to need some big-time support going into the final round of voting!
While Fort Frances was a contender in the early going, it currently sits in 15th place in the Ontario region, with WFN only taking the top two towns in Ontario to the final round of voting. With Fort Frances out of the top 10, it also will not be eligible for one of the four “wild card” spots that will progress to the final.
Though we may have been rivals during the nomination and first-round voting periods, there is one thing I think we can all agree on–Northwestern Ontario is the premiere fishing destination in Canada!
We are asking those who were supporting Fort Frances to please throw your support to Nestor Falls during the final round of voting! We also are hoping that this contest has inspired the small-town pride in other Rainy River District residents, and we can count of the support of our other neighboring communities.
The “Ultimate Fishing Town” title, and $25,000 in prize money, will go far towards promoting not only Nestor Falls, but our area in general. WFN will be producing a 30-minute show on the winning town, as well, which will serve to highlight the beauty and fabulous fishing of our region.
You can vote every 12 hours with every e-mail you have! Please go to to vote or get more info, or call Maureen Hanson at 484-2115 to find out how you can help support Nestor Falls’ bid!
The final round of voting starts Sept. 7 and runs through Sept. 28, with the winning town being announced on Oct. 4.
Let’s bring this title to Northwestern Ontario!
With much thanks,
Kiley Hanson
Nestor Falls, Ont.