Support tea

Margaret Ann Hudson

Dear Mike:
I recently had the occasion to browse through the minutes of the Rainycrest Auxiliary which was formed in 1953—56 years ago.
They had their first-annual tea in 1953 and the profits from that were a whopping $247.42. Some of the items there were able to purchase through this profit were dish cloths for the kitchen and face cloths for the residents.
A brooch for a prize from Brockie’s was in the amount of $3.90.
Meetings commenced with the singing of the national anthem. In 1964, Mrs. D.M. Taylor personally purchased 130 Christmas gifts for the residents, as she had done in former years.
In 1966, the profits from the tea rose to $471.00. Along with some other items, the auxiliary purchased two new teapots for the home.
It was really interesting reading to see some of the names of the ladies who were part of the auxiliary through the years, as well as the names of so many Fort Frances organizations that have helped.
Some of the names which appeared were familiar ones—Lerman, Noden, Zub, McQuarrie, Cornell, Wall, Gillon, Hemmens, Walkey, Langtry, Cumming, Lyons, Gadd, Cuthbertson, Wepruk, and Herrem to name just a few.
Mary Andrusco and Edith Dolyny were members in 1953.
The local business community supported their efforts, and in 1974 Fort Floral started donating flowers to residents on their birthday—as they do to this day.
Other recognized names helping out were Betty’s, E. Thompson, and Brockie’s. All the churches were mentioned, as well, supplying goodies and help with special occasions.
In 1969, the United Church had a program of taking residents for car rides around town. The Legion and Beta Sigma Phi also were often mentioned in the minutes.
The years have passed, and we are again looking forward to our annual fall tea, which is on Wednesday, Oct. 7.
We hope that folks will come out and support the work of the auxiliary as we strive to increase and improve our pleasant duties at Rainycrest.
The residents are always so very appreciative of anything that is done for them, be it a friendly visit, attending their birthday party, Bingo games, music at dances, helping with crafts . . . whatever.
We want to increase our membership, both ladies and men, and will have our membership table at the tea. If you feel you have a couple of hours a month, whatever time you think you can spend, we will be happy to tell you about the various volunteer activities you can partake in to make our residents’ hours more satisfying.
The Rainycrest staff work very hard, but can always do with some extra helping hands.
While you are at the tea, take a look around and see some of the wonderful improvements—especially the lovely paintings down the halls, new windows, and the landscaping which is a work in progress.
We hope to see you next Wednesday!
Margaret Ann Hudson
Rainycrest Auxiliary