Superb job

Dear Mr. Editor:
Here’s a P.O.O.P. (Proud Of Our Parks) letter for people to think about.
All too often it seems people find it easy to take pen to hand when it comes to criticizing, but where are their pens when it comes to voicing a little praise and appreciation?
I remember reading letters in the paper criticizing the removal of park equipment last summer. Now that new equipment has been installed and safety cribbing added, it would be nice to read letters, from those who enjoy the town’s parks, recognizing the individuals who work for the Parks Board.
These individuals work in the hot summer sun installing, maintaining, and inspecting the parks and equipment to ensure the children of Fort Frances have nice, safe places to play—and these individuals are doing a superb job.
So, next time you’re at one of our any beautiful parks, and see a Parks Board employee, take the time to thank them for their work . . . I’m sure they would appreciate the kind words.
And I sure would enjoy reading some other P.O.O.P. (Proud Of Our Parks) letters if your readers have it in them.
Jackie Brandli