Stronger argument

Dear sir:
I cheerfully accept Mr. Hallikas’ correction of my arithmetic. In my attempt to be politically correct and use the metric system, I obviously also mentally switched to the metric hour which, logically, should contain 100 minutes.
His, correct, arithmetic makes my argument even stronger. With a three-second yellow light, a motorist will have only 41.7 metres in which to decide to stop, on possibly icy roads with a following vehicle, or to run the red light.
At the time of my original letter, some of the traffic lights in town were set for 2.7 seconds, which cut you down to 37 metres, which is the exact width of the town’s longest intersections, so that if you could see the yellow before you entered, you could not possibly get across before the far light turned red.
We should all keep prodding our council reps until the traffic lights are–as a minimum–reset to the provincially- and nationally-accepted safety standards.
B.T. Johnstone