Stop stalling

Dear sir:
Amalgamate: v-to combine, unite (Webster’s Dictionary)
Amalgamate: verb-combine or unite to form one organization or structure (Oxford University Press Dictionary)
When the City of Thunder Bay was created in 1970, it was born out of an amalgamation of two cities, one township, and parts of two other municipalities.
I resided near that event and watched with great interest.
The governance of the new city that was created at that time was not much different than the governance of the regions that it enveloped, except for the fact the duplication of governance was eliminated.
Four CEOs were replaced by one CEO. Four clerks were replaced by one clerk. Four road superintendents were replaced by one road superintendent.
On and on the process went. All upper level management that was once duplicated three times was reduced to one department head.
The savings realized from those eliminations made the City of Thunder Bay more financially stable than the area was in the past. The single mayor and council that was elected to govern the city had a stronger voice to lobby and deal with higher levels of government than the four small bodies it replaced.
The Rainycrest board of management has approached the Riverside board of directors asking them to amalgamate. Simply stated, Rainycrest is in trouble. They need help and somehow believe that Riverside can supply the stability to run our home for aged in conjunction with Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc.
To think that the governance model would resemble anything less than the present Riverside board of directors would be foolhardy. Riverside is the strong member in this amalgamation and Rainycrest has its hat in its hand.
Amalgamation will be a tough buy-in for members of Rainycrest’s board of management. If true amalgamation occurs, I am sure the home will become part of Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc.
What will that mean for the board of directors from Rainycrest? It should mean that they disband.
If compliance rules allow, it could mean that one director of nursing would be responsible for all nursing staff. The administrators could become a single administrator. Maintenance staff could be handled by one superintendent.
All of the departments that are in existence in duplicate because of two separate entities each could by reduced by one if the two organizations become one.
Honorariums could be cut in half by reducing the two boards to one.
The savings in wages assumed by reducing two management teams to one would be a financial windfall for Rainycrest and Riverside. Riverside would have a stronger voice at the ministry level simply by representing more people in their care.
If the Rainycrest board truly has the best interests of the residents of our home for the aged in this district at heart, and they already have asked Riverside for help, then may I suggest that they stop stalling and proceed with amalgamation!
The definition is very simple and clear: combine or unite. They both mean the same thing.
Ken Perry,
Fort Frances, Ont.