Still working

Anthony Leek

Dear editor:
I want to thank all the individuals who participated in the 2011 Ontario general election. Whether you were a voter, supporter, or volunteer, you all took part in the democratic process.
I also want to congratulate and thank the candidates from all the parties for putting their name out in this election. It is not an easy thing to do, but I think it shows how dedicated people are to help others.
Even though this election is over, I will continue to work hard for the communities in this riding. We deserve good, strong communities that work together so that we may succeed at helping and supporting ourselves and generations to come.
In working towards a brighter future, we need to ensure we stand together in good times and tough times.
Thank you to all the people who helped me out on the campaign trail, and to the almost 2,200 who believed in me during the election.
We will continue to move forward together for the betterment of our riding, region, and the province as a whole.
Anthony Leek
Liberal candidate,
Kenora-Rainy River