Still peeved

Dear editor:
I am still upset over the official name change at the Sister Kennedy Centre and am quite surprised it never came back to the council table for reconsideration.
Perhaps the new council will consider doing so.
I never had a problem had the official name remained and then adding the new name to make it easier for out-of-town visitors to find the place.
I am also very upset with the way the name change was done and without getting into that story, my displeasure would be most aimed at Coun. June Caul, who made a lot of statements in the paper about the place being only for Catholics and it wasn’t going to stay that way if she had anything to do with it.
A survey last year indicated she was totally wrong and she never admitted it.
I think personally renaming any park, street or building is disrespectful to the person who was originally honoured. An ad hoc approach to renaming undermines the original intent of naming a facility to honour an individual.
Just because the naming occurred some time ago, or in this case because the person was a Catholic, shouldn’t be reason to change the name now. We proved that the majority of users at the facility were and are non-Catholic.
Remember the facility would not have happened had it not been for the persistence of Sister Betty Kennedy.
This issue alone will ensure I will not be voting for June for mayor. My support will be to Ken Perry. I have observed Mr. Perry and his work ethic, and am pleased to support him.
I am aware of his dedication and how he puts considerable effort into all his undertakings. I would use as examples his work on the DSSAB and getting CN Rail to pay more to the town for the amount of land they use with their rail lines.
You may not like his red polka dot hat but he is certainly identifiable with it on. We aren’t voting for the hat but the man wearing it.
I also like Ken’s vision for the town and know he will strive to keep things well-balanced.
Please get out and vote. You do not need a smartphone, just a telephone or a computer, or you can go to the Civic Centre and vote at the polling station there.
It will be set up from Oct. 15-19 and then until 8 p.m. on Oct. 22-the actual Election Day.
Thank you,
David M. Bourgeault
Fort Frances, Ont.