Still chuckling

Dear editor:
My husband, who suffered a severe stroke on July 23, 2004, must use his walker to get from the car to the end of the dock where our boat is docked.
Walking down the dock takes him three times longer than it would have normally (and is sometimes quite a struggle), but he does it knowing how much I love to go “up the lake.”
Although these days are few and far between, we make the best of them whenever he feels up to it. He cannot be left home alone due to the after-effects of the stroke.
My husband always has had a wonderful sense of humour and fortunately still does, which is what prompted me to write this letter.
My husband was feeling well enough to go up to the cabin on Sunday. When I parked the car at the landing, I was able to take two wheelbarrows full of things for the cabin from the car down to the boat.
My husband I also were able to walk down to the dock side by side while he pushed his walker, with plenty of room between us and the red van. Therefore, when there appeared to be no other parking spots, I left my car where it was as I was certain if we could manage, others could, as well.
But I guess you couldn’t get close enough to the dock, and walking the length of the PT Cruiser must have been too far for you, as we found two separate notes on our windshield.
We think each of the notes indicated neither of you appreciated where we were parked. Therefore, I owe both of you an apology but, at the same time, must also say “thank you.”
Why the thank you? Because like they say, “laughter is the best medicine,” and we certainly got a good chuckle from the contents of your notes (had you signed the notes, I would have been able to call and thank you personally).
We also have learned over the past two years “not to sweat the small stuff.” We had a wonderful four hours at the lake that day and we hope you did, too!
Renee McDonald
Fort Frances, Ont.