Stick with decision

Dear sir:
A letter written to local MP Ken Boshcoff, printed in the Times last week (Feb. 16), deserves a response, I believe.
To Mr. Boshcoff, please stay with your decision to vote against legislation to change the meaning of marriage from between man and woman to man with man.
The marriage of man with man, and the resulting sexual behaviour, would be sodomy, which I believe, according God’s Word, is hated by God as recorded in Genesis 19:1-25. The result of the change in the legislation (if passed) would see the falling away, morally, of the things most Canadians want in this country. For the result could be pedophiles having their way with children, or marriage break-ups for supercilious reasons too numerous to mention.
The connection, I believe, between a man and woman is “love,” and man and a man is “lust,” when using the term marriage.
John Lowe
Fort Frances, Ont.
P.S. From what I’ve read, the sexual deviation is an accelerant to the AIDS virus spread.