Step backwards

Dear editor:
As so many others in our community, I was shocked and saddened to hear our “Blue Box” services were being discontinued. I understand the economic rationalization but I believe that, ecologically, it’s a real step backwards for Fort Frances.
Every Sunday night, I have looked up and down my street with pride at the effort my neighbours have put into recycling. This is not something that I think we should give up so easily.
It seems like such a waste to throw a pop can, for example, into the garbage when it actually could be put to good use (instead of helping to fill our dump).
It’s also sad to think that we now will be creating more garbage when so many other communities—ones with not nearly as much outdoor beauty to preserve—are becoming increasingly efficient with their recycling policies.
For example, I went to university in Guelph and there is very little waste in that town that is not somehow recycled. The whole town is in on the idea of recycling as the only way to go. I admire such progressive thinking.
I encourage our town council to find a way to let Fort Frances keep its recycling program. Perhaps it even could be seen as an opportunity—one with the potential to help create new business and growth in our community.
All that recycled material is just waiting to be turned into something great. Encourage entrepreneurs to be creative! I have seen polar fleece jackets and beautiful plush carpeting made from plastic pop bottles.
Keeping with that kind of creative thinking, there must be a way for our town to keep on recycling. Let’s find it!
Kate Woods
Fort Frances, Ont.