Steal of a deal

Dear editor:
This is a letter regarding our garage sale on May 27-28. We would like to thank all who attended, “except for one.”
We had a Pioneer CD/AM/FM car stereo for sale. It was in the original box, with the purchase price being $375. We had a “steal of a price” on it, which was $100.
Within the first hour of the first day, someone took us up on it and stole it.
If anyone with a conscience knows who did this, would you let us know? We would greatly appreciate it.
Some of these items in the sale belonged to a resident of Rainycrest, so the proceeds could have gone to the resident, or medical expenses or a charity. Just something to think about.
If it doesn’t get returned, I guess only your charity benefits from it.
Joanne Gosselin
P.S. If we knew you didn’t have the money for it, we could have done it on a weekly payment plan.