Spooktacular idea

Dear Mike:
Harry Vandetti’s idea of having the ghost of Rainy River astride the Great Beaver during our centennial parade is simply spooktacular! The problem is we have only one Great Beaver, but no shortage of ghosts.
I’m afraid designating the honoured seat could raise more cries of nepotism than a Lake of the Bushes council meeting.
I must, however, defer responsibility for the discovery of the Great Beaver to our local heroes, town crier Doug Giles, fearless trapper Wayne McCarthy, and crusading environmentalist Jordan Beller.
As a humble reporter, in the traditions of a true journalist, I simply remember and put into print things that should have happened.
Yours respectfully, with my ear to the grapevine,
Jack “The Squirrel” Elliott
P.S. It’s nearly 10 a.m. and I gotta run down to the cafe to dial in on any new rumours. If nothing juicy, I promise I’ll start one!