Spirit of goodwill

Dear Sir:
On a pre-Christmas trip to Fort Frances, I experienced a flat tire on my car that had just been winter-serviced and travel-checked in Kenora.
The day was a Sunday and I drove very carefully to the only open place I could find so early in the morning, hoping the bit of air left in the tire would hold. Luckily, there was just enough air to get me to the Can-Op garage before I was riding on the rim.
A special thanks and expression of appreciation to the wonderful man who helped me in my plight. He came out, checked the air pressure, discovered the valve was missing, filled the tire with air, gave me a replacement valve, and sent me merrily on my way.
He wouldn’t take a dime for his trouble.
I did not get this gentleman’s name but the date this happened was Sunday, Dec. 16 just after 11 a.m. I hope the owner of the Can-Op reads this and will know what a great employee he/she has.
What a wonderful thing to happen during the Christmas season—he was truly in the spirit of goodwill, which gave joy to my world.
Ruth Bowiec
Kenora, Ont.