Dear sir:
On Saturday evening, Jayne’s t.l.c. was presented with the award for Customer Service 2006 at the Chamber of Commerce awards banquet.
I was left speechless. For those who know me, that is quite a rare occurrence!
I am writing this letter to the editor to say what I should have said Saturday night. I want to thank the person or persons who nominated our salon. Thank you to the judges who voted for us.
When we first saw our name in the paper, we were truly surprised and flattered, however, we thought that we would be more likely to be nominated for “Entertainment of the Year” because of the antics that go on inside our shop.
I am truly blessed to be able to work with not only the best hairstylists, but also the most fun and loving co-workers. I cherish my relationship with each one of them.
Butch, I love you, my best friend, biggest fan, and our maintenance man!
To be able to make a living at what you love to do, and have fun doing it, and now being awarded for it, you can’t ask for more!
Finally, the most important thank you, “our customers”—we love you! We appreciate you! You all make it very easy to do what we do!
Jayne Wyder
Jayne’s TLC
P.S. The meal was great and the wine even better. Thank you, La Place Rendez-Vous, Gillons’, and the Chamber of Commerce.