Special thank you

Dear sir:
The grade 3/4 class at Alberton Central School has enjoyed some activities courtesy of Henry Miller and the OFAH “Adopt-a-School” program through the local Sportsmen’s Club.
As part of the science curriculum, Mr. Miller took our class on a field trip to study about trees, plants, and soil. We did some leaf rubbings along with our outdoor exploring. We also are enjoying the bird feeder sent to the school by Mr. Miller.
We look forward to viewing the birds that come to perch and feed her.
On behalf of the grade 3/4 class, we would like to thank Mr. Miller for all the activities that he has done with us. Again we would like to thank you very much!
Melissa Friesen
and Laurel Perrott
Gr. 3/4 Class,
Alberton School