Special school

Dear sir:
Thank you for the opportunity to publicly express my gratitude.
It is with mixed feelings that we are leaving the Rainy River District. We have met many wonderful people, enjoyed neighbours “second to none,” and played in one of our country’s most spectacular outdoor recreational areas.
But one very special experience I would like to express my gratitude is the great little country school my children attended.
Sturgeon Creek school has always had a unique atmosphere that is difficult to describe. I can only guess that it is due to a combination of a supportive community, well-mannered students, dedicated teachers and administration, and a friendly, caring support staff. From that very first tour of Sturgeon Creek school 25 years or so ago, I knew that if I ever had children, this would be the school they would attend.
Having recently attended the graduation of our last, I sensed that same special feeling as I did many years ago.
My thanks to the community and especially the staff of Sturgeon Creek school. Have faith in the enormous job you are doing.
Best wishes Sturgeon Creek school!
Gerry Karchuk